How the Center for Open Science tackles the reproducibility problem

Taken from Center for Open Science website

Dr. David Mellor is responsible for the community sector in the Center for Open Science (COS). The COS aims to increase openness, integrity, and reproducibility of research. To do so, they provide entirely free and open-source products and services. I talked with him about the COS, open science and the future of publication.

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What causes the reproducibility problem?


Mark Kaetka Flickr
What are the roots of the reproducibility problem? Made by Mark Kaletka (Flickr)

In an earlier article I argued that lot of published research in Psychology cannot be replicated by using the exact same experimental procedure. In the following article I will take a look at which factors contribute to this situation.

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Is there a reproducibility problem in psychological research?

Replication Ales FlickR
Are psychological studies reproducible? Made by Alex (Flickr)

I came across a study by Baker (2016), in which 1,500 scientists from multiple disciplines were asked: “Is there a reproducibility crisis?”. The result was striking: 90% of respondents stated that we do have a reproducibility crisis in science (see Figure 1). But what led so many scientist to believe that we have a problem in science? And is this believe substantial? Although the survey asked scientists in a range of disciplines (Medicine, Biology, Psychology, etc.), I will restrict my discussion to Psychology.

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